Confessions of a bikini shopaholic

Ok, so first of all: I am guilty. I already bought four bikinis for this summer season. And it feels awesome. For the last 14 years or so this has been a horror: Going out there and trying to find a bikini with a good fit, a colour/pattern that you like and that will not break your bank. Especially if Mother Nature has been very kind and giving to you. Girls with big boobies, I know your struggle. Buying bikinis for larger breasts is a nightmare. Especially when you start checking out these grandma-ish “plus size cup” companies.

But this year everything changed. I tried some new styles and brands and I have never felt more comfortable in a bikini before. All thanks to the rising trend of high neck (surf) bikinis. They have literally changed my life. Going to the pool/beach and especially doing beach activities is not a horror anymore.

A few surf brands like Rip Curl and O’Neill started doing more and more amazing high neck surf bikinis that hold EVERYTHING in place. So if you are on the hunt for a good fit I definitely recommend trying their new styles.

My favourite pick this season: Rip Curl Flywire Halter Bikini


This little number holds everything in place and looks just amazing and very flattering on anyone. The panty can be a little bit small but you can easily combine it with a classic black bikini bottom. It also has some nice little details on the back without putting all of the weight on your neck giving you headaches over time (Ever been there? Girl, this is the solution.).

The chic sports-bra-like bikini: Seafolly Active Swim High Neck Bikini Tank Top


Okay, okay, let’s hold our horses for a second. This is like the Ferrari amongst bikinis. If you check out Seafolly bikini prices you can get a little bit dizzy. I know… But they have such an incredible fit. I could not believe it. After two years of putting Seafolly bikinis in and out of my ASOS shopping card, I stubbled across a Seafolly store on my last trip to Cape Town and I needed to try a few on. In the end I went for this classic and very chic high neck top. Because we all know that you can never go wrong a little black dress bikini. Due to the price point of their bikinis I just went for the top and paired it with a very cheap H&M panty. That’s my favorite bikini for any beach activity including beach volleyball. And let me tell you: playing beach volley in a bikini is definitely a first!

The comfortable back-up bikini: O’Neill Mirissa High Neck Bikini Top


This is another very comfortable high neck (surf) bikini that I love. It is not my first choice (due to the very hard competition here) so I tend to wear this bikini under my wetsuit or as a back-up bikini if the others are hanging out to dry. Still do not want to miss this one in my “collection”.

The “only for sunbathing” bikini: H&M bandeau bikini


Even though high neck bikinis seem to be the new big trend and saviour for all the very blessed girls out there, there is still one thing where they are a little bit annoying. When you just want to lie on the beach and you do not want to jump and run around. Then at the end of the day you will end up with nice tanned legs (use your SPF kids!) but also with a white chest up until your throat. For these days I decided to buy an extra bikini only for when you lie down in the sun and don’t want to move at all. Honestly, these moments are very rare because I get bored very quickly and that is why I opted for a cheap 10 Euro H&M bikini. I am so happy with this choice because I love the colours and the mandala pattern and it is cheap as chips. So you can spend your savings on a more supportive one if you are a more active beach bum like me.

What is your favorite bikini style for this season? What is your favorite water sport or beach activity and which bikini do you trust to keep everything in place? I would love to hear your recommendations. Although I should step away from this topic for a while 🙂

Love you lots and thanks for the read!




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