Inspiration to the max…

If you know me you probably also know me raving about my biggest inspiration when it comes to travel photography, instagram missions and adventure: Ben Brown!

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Bienvenido al comunismo // Arriving in La Habana, Cuba

Cuba was on my bucket list since this huge history lecture about the Cuban Missile Crisis that I had to prepare in my A-levels. Eleven years later I finally found myself on this adventure all by myself and it has been the most exciting adventure I have been on so far.

It felt like being a time traveler and I experienced how it was to travel completely offline for 18 days. No smartphone, no laptop, no phone calls that were longer than 3 minutes with my loved ones back home. But arriving in Havana was different. It opened my eyes. To this unexpectedly poor and destroyed city which is still so unbelievably beautiful in all its collapsed concrete and wrinkled but smiling faces. But it was a shock nonetheless. And after the shock the magic of this city catches you.

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We <3 Calçots

A few weeks back I joined my first “Calçotada” in one of my favorite barrios of Barcelona, Gracia. A Calçotada is a Catalan tradition of BBQing green onions over fire until their outer layer is completely burnt and black. After that you peel off the outer layer with your hands (that’s where it gets super messy), dip the whole thing into garlic sauce (so strong that it makes you teary-eyed) and enjoy your chaotic, typically Catalan and hilarious veggie feast…

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Hello world!

That’s exactly what it is: A big embrace and a huge HELLO to the world!

Come and join me

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